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Iran’s Terror Support

A few countries have been known to condone and drag their feet when it comes to the fight against terrorism. Iran is in this category and while it is not made obvious, it is not a secret either that Iran is not fighting terrorism but rather is condoning it. A lot of external forces are trying to get Iran to back off its support but the same is not yielding any results and hasn’t for a really long time.

There is a lot of damage that results from terrorism and when terror groups get funded, trained, housed and even given weapons by countries like Iran to empower them only makes the situation a dire one. Terror groups only heighten their terror attacks as a result and this in turn affects everything else. Instead of helping in the fight against terrorism, Iran is among the few nations that is making the terror groups become more brazen in their attacks and as a result, the damage has continuously becomes a lot worse.

It is important to take into the aspect of evil that is found in terrorism and it has all manner of results that causes huge destruction and loss of lives. It is crucial to keep in mind the reasons as to why particular groups and people embrace terrorism. It is important to acknowledge the fact that there is a drive as to why people engage in acts of terror. Iran is motivated by many reasons and of them is the written clause in their constitution that encourages revolutionizing the world with an aim of making it a better place, however, not through this awful and evil act.

Iran has also been funding terrorism to also overcome its enemies and it is a known fact. In the quest to gain political strength and power, Iran has been at the forefront financing terrorism to achieve a stronger political influence. Being more powerful than its neighbors it also another aspect that has contributed to it supporting terror groups.

Iran supports so many militant groups about 100,000 and has therefore earned the title top state sponsor for terrorism. One of the groups that is known to be a very close ally to Iran is a Lebanese group that is best in the world. This is not a new alliance because they go way back in the day when the group was started in 1980. Though the years, Iran has helped in training the group and providing them with weapons and money needed. Every year, Iran sent financial support to this group of about $100 million.

Iran considers Syria their only state ally in the Arab nations and in the world. Iran makes sure that this alliance is protected by supporting Syria at all costs. Syria on the other hand would not stand without the support of Iran because even their current president has the support of Iran. When a soldier is slain in battle, Iran makes sure that their families are supported financially.

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