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Why Pine Straw is the Perfect Landscaping Mulch?

If you want your landscape to look eye-catching and appealing at the same time, then it will be a good idea to consider investing in pine straws. The benefits that it offers on the other hand are more than visual. Pine straw has plenty of practical uses too like a natural garden mulch.

Assuming that it is correctly applied, pine straw will help in preventing water evaporation from the soil, helps in preventing soil erosion and compaction while also reducing the growth of weeds. If you think that is all, the soil around the plants receive proper protection by receiving suitable temperature and protect it from freezing conditions using pine straw. This is important especially for new plants and those with shallow root systems.

You might want to wear pair of gloves when you are applying pine straw. If you are using just your bare hands, it may be hard to manage the needles as it is somewhat prickly. As for the application, it is quite simple because you just have to remove the bale ties and take handful of straw, shaking it over the area where it will be applied. Generally speaking, opt to apply depth of approximately 3 inches, adding about an inch every year to maintain acceptable depth.

The major goal for making use of pine straw is to further enhance the visual appeal of the yard with proper ground coverage and also, to avoid weed growth. Remember that there ought to be 3 inches thick of pine straw. You can get suggestions for the applications of up to six inches thick but that is not normal especially in shady locations like areas under the tree. This decorative approach is a nice technique to be used in seating areas that aren’t paved and lining walkways.

It’s a sensible move to extend the pine straw to the plant’s drip lines. Keep the straw for at least two to three inches away from plant’s base and the trunks of trees as well as shrubs. Straws applied in this manner discourage rodents to feast on the bark. As the pine needles breakdown, they acidify the soil a little bit which makes it perfect as landscaping mulch for acid loving plants, trees as well as shrubs similar to azaleas, camellias, fuchsias, hydrangeas, ferns, gardenias, magnolias, dogwoods, evergreens and holly.

As a basic tip when using pine straw, you might need to put it down at any given time of the year to create a fresh and neat appearance, before you spread the straw, weed and clean the area, apply a weed preventer and finish the trimming and pruning of existing shrubs and trees.

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