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Key Things To Remember During A Sensual Massage And Why You Need It.

A sensual massage is not like the ordinary massages, and there is a lot of intimacy between the giver and the receiver. It is majorly performed before and after intercourse. During this type of a massage the person offering it can use other parts of their body other than the hands such as mouth, lips and other parts of their body to arouse their partner’s sense and give pleasure. The main objective of sensual massage is to achieve sexual arousal and involves massaging the erogenous zones but does not involve the actual intercourse.

Other than the physical touch, some factors need to be considered to ensure that the recipient is at ease and can benefit from the massage. Since this type of massage requires the person being massaged to free from any tension and be able to loosen up his feelings the right atmosphere must be created. During a sensual massage both parties are usually without clothes, and thus they need to be in a private room. Getting privacy is much easier when one is at home. If the massage is performed in a studio the room must be in seclusion and should not allow sounds to go out of the room as this will enhance a sensual environment. The lighting in the room should be dull since bright right could be the receiver at tension and unable to relax. Using aromatic and natural oils is also important as their fresh smell awakens senses and helps to build a sensual connection.

The touches in a sensual massage differ from the traditional massages in that the kneading is softer unlike the kneading for relieving muscle pain and tension. Although training is available for one to be able to perform sensual massage couples can practice it even without being trained. Another distinction that sensual massage has from the ordinary massages is that any body part can be touched include the genital areas. This include the breasts and the pubis for women and the genital area for men as well as any other body part. In some cases orgasm occurs although the intention of the message was not to produce that. This massage re-energizes the soul, mind and even the bodies of the giver and the person being massaged. In these session the two people become united through touch.

The nature of touch can be anything from the popular circle and fan strokes as well as the stretching strokes. However the key thing is make them softer than when performing a traditional massage.

Giving a sensual massage is an excellent way to treat your partner, and the result is a more intimate relationship.

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